This website provides citrus growers with the tools and information they need to carry out phytosanitary treatments in a rationalised way, adapted to their specific needs.

First of all, it offers the CitrusVol tool, based on scientific evidence, which defines the spray volume rate to be applied in a phytosanitary treatment carried out with an airblast sprayer in an easy and intuitive way.

Secondly, it offers two tools that are used to calibrate the airblast sprayer that work from two complementary approaches.  One tool allows the user to select the nozzles needed to apply a certain spray volume rate determined by the user. The other tool allows you to calculate the spray volume rate being applied with a given nozzle configuration.

In addition, a compilation of basic concepts on the application of plant protection products in citrus are offered, including recommendations on the maintenance and calibration of sprayers, as well as a series of interesting links to various websites with relevant information related to the rationalisation of phytosanitary applications in citrus.

It also provides access to the Agrovademecum tool, which offers all the necessary information related to Plant Protection Products registered in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, which is always kept up to date.